About Us
Marno Enterprises, based in Nairobi, Kenya is an independent Service Providers throughout the whole East Africa Region (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Sudan). The core business activity in Kenya and the region is site build and construction work, with over 1500 Macro BTS sites rolled out across Kenya since mid 2011. In addition, we have taken part in numerous Optimization works within the region as well as maintenance works. Marno Enterprises can assist customers with any aspect of site build, from acquisition up to and including maintenance.
Our Mission & Vision

To deliver high- grade specialist telecoms and information technology solutions that enables our customers to adapt quickly and effectively to changing and evolving new technology.


To be the preferred technology company for solving technological challenges and continue to be an independent company serving the needs of our customers.

Marno Enterprises Company offers complete solutions to the infrastructure requirements of the broadcaster on a global basis. To provide this these solutions, a combination of services is offered including coverage planning, site acquisition, project management, site construction, site commissioning and broadcast maintenance services. In addition we also we would also deliver all underlying products used to construct the infrastructure the necessary equipment required for such solutions.
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Marno Enterprises
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Tel: 0727 939873/0733 939879
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Location at: LR NO 209941 Parliament Road, Nairobi.
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